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Monthly meetings 8 pm third Tuesday at the Senior Citizens Hall, Forestville

Congratulations David Hemmings

Dendrobium Australian Ginger ‘Denistone Fairy Dancer’

HCC/ANOS  2017 (NSW) Date:10.Sep.2017 Points: 79.50

'A well flowered plant with the lower half well covered with 3-4 flowers per raceme. Flowers were clear light green background with purple striations on the sepals and petals. Light purple on the labellum and intense colour on the reverse. It was well flowered for its size with the lateral and dorsal sepals flat and erect with the petals just slightly cupped. Flowers exhibited good substance and texture. A well grown and flowered example of this cross. Well done David
Dockrillia Australian Ginger was registered in 2003 by Australian Orchid Nursery and is the mating of Dockrillia fuliginosa and Dockrillia striolata and has produced many fine plants.' Description by Bill Dobson. 



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