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For the past three years we have considered embarking on this venture, for whatever reason 2013 felt like the right time. It may have had some relation to our successes in 2012. We received a total of eight awards in 2012 one HCC’s, three ACC’s, two ACM’s and two AM’s. We also won a total of twenty-nine show champions, which included two reserve champions, and two grand champions and a pleasing second place at the Mingara Orchid Fair. Earlier in 2012 we received a G. Hermon Slade certificate for Phaius. ‘Lynette’s’ Joy’ and a Bill Murdoch Certificate for D. linguiformis ‘Grahame’. Towards the end of a rewarding year we also took out the club and show point scores at Boolaroo Orchid Society and at the Central Coast ANOS Group. With the lab on fire and the plants growing better then ever we can only hope the flower quality of all our plants is higher and fingers crossed the weather is less Bi-Polar in the coming months.


The plants listed are in limited supply, some very limited. Orders will be filled on a first in best-dressed fashion. The flasks listed are at various stages of growth depending on the cross. You will be notified when these flasks are suitable for pick up or delivery. Flasking services are available at our discretion and a price list is attached.


We must say thank you to all our friends and the local societies for their continued support. A special thanks to John Stubbs, Jim Donnelly, Jeanne Dunn, Phena and Brian Gerhard, Col Fitzsimons, Ken Russell and David Butler for flasks, pollen, plants and of course the wisdom and knowledge on which this project was founded.


Happy Growing and Showing


Grahame and Callyn









·         Prices are subject to change without notice

·         Availability is subject to change without notice

·         All descriptions are printed as a guide only and no responsibility is taken if they are not met

·         We withhold the right to withdraw or limit the sale of plants

·         Although we provide excellent care to our plants, No warranty is given.


Australian Native Dendrobium Species and Hybrids


PR5 Den. Rutherford Pink Moon x Lisa Turner

These strong growing plants will be similar the D. Australian Artist lines. With a large flower count and strong pastels and purples.

Available in 80mm @ $8.00 and 100mm @ $12


A4 Den. (Intense x Sunterry) x Gillian Leaney) x Aussie Victory ‘Sun Spot’

Mum is a strong white D. Kingianum style flower with a bold purple labellum and light magenta overspray, Dad a white with even darker magenta overspray. Dads flower count was a little shy but the upright inflorescence and flower count of mum should fix this.

Available in 50mm @ $6


A9 Den. (Class x Sunglow) ‘Perfect” x Zip ‘JMCM’

These plants are absolutely powering along! A beautiful ‘buttercup’ yellow with the infamous bold striped D. Zip and a dose of D. Sunglow who knows?

Available in 80mm @ $10 and 100mm @ $14


A12 Den. Cheryl’s Glory ‘Kay’ x Aussie Victory ‘Chunks’

A massive 75mm flower on this colonial surprise style flower with our chunky show bench D. Aussie Victory. Should produce large colourful flowers on strong upright stems.

Available in 80mm @ $10 and 100mm @ $14


A10 Den. (King of Hearts x Zip) x Inquest ‘darkest’

Both of these plants have taken out the purple class at the Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular in the past 4 years. Mum is really filled in and the colour fades to the middle of the flower. While dad has a good-sized flower with a good strong flower count. These ones will obviously be very dark purples.

Available in 80mm @ $12 and 100mm @$15 VERY LIMITED


DUNO2598 Den. Speciosum. Var. Curvicaule. Southern Cross ‘Tumbi’ x Herbstar ‘Triffid’

This is one from the DUNO stables. These flowers should be creams to light yellow with chunky segments and a large flower count on strong arching inflorescences. With texture plus and perfect flower presentation this line breed Curvicaule should be one for the champions table.

Available in 80mm @ $10 VERY LIMITED


GV2809 Den. Speciosum ‘Kate’s Special’ x ‘Daylight moon’ FCC/ANOS

We searched high and low for these ones after seeing a few first flowers at the KSS. Lets just say they will not disappoint and how could they with the famous Daylight moon.

Available in 80mm @ $10


Australasian Dockrillia Species and Hybrids


JD1660 Doc. Tarallab ‘Orange’ x teretifolium ‘Shane’

This cross is from Victoria’s Jeanne Dunn. This cross should produce large flowers of tropical and orange tones.

Available in 50mm @ $8


JD1651 Doc. (Stephen x Australian Sunblessed) x pugioniformis

These flowers from JD should be once again large but could produce some green and olive tones with an interesting purple labellum.

Available in 50mm @ $8


JD1659 Doc. Jeanne’s Joy ‘Dark Burgundy’ x Australian Ginger ‘Golly’

Another from JD these are the next generation in ‘spray can effect’ hybrids with Aus. Ginger and Bronze Belle, which are similar to D. Martin chuck in the large yellow flower, of dolicophylla and you could have something for the show bench.

Available in 50mm @ $8 VERY LIMITED


AON83 Doc. schoenina ‘Moulin Rouge’ x ‘Hot Lips’

This sibling cross should produce lime green flower a bit larger then the common bush variety with a sweet scent and violet purple splash on the labellum will do very well mounted.

Available in 80mm @ $12


AON84 Doc. Limestone (bowmanii x cucumerina)

From the few we have flowered these will be lime green with a cream labellum faintly marked with purple. These will go well on a mount and will flower two and three times a year.

Available in 80mm @ $12


PS31 Doc. Australian Lemon Pepper (cucumerina x fuliginosa)

These will not disappoint some have been white with grey striations and others green with a purple overlay.

Available in 80mm @ $12


Australian Native Sarcochilus hybrids


JS47 Sarco. Otway’s Sunset x australis

These little novelties will flower young and will be a mix of colours ranging from fruit salad tones to dark mahogany.

Available in 80mm @ $8 3 ONLY and 80mm tall tubes @ $12 4 ONLY


JD106 Sarco. Fitzhart ‘KWR’ x Yvette ‘Monica’

One from Jim Donnelly should produce colourful hybrids of good shape and strong inflorescences.

Available in 50mm @ $7


JD109 Sarco. Fitzhart ‘KWR’ x Lyn

Another from JD. We have flowered one of these from an earlier flask and it won the Central Coast ANOS seedling Class and then two weeks later a second place at the Newcastle show. Large whites with pink edging and a pink centre and a yellow labellum with heavy substance and texture.

Available in 50mm @ $7


GV2409 Sarco. Bessie IE. George Colthup ‘Devine #5’ x Velvet ‘Cool Dude’

What can we say? This cross is one of the latest Bessie remakes from Green Vista. Should produce good shapes with excellent texture and colours from the whole spectrum.

Available in 50mm @ $8 VERY LIMITED


JS100 Sarco. Colonial Rose ‘Yellow’ x Fitzhart ‘764 Pink’

This cross should produce large yellows and creams for the show bench.

Available in 50mm @ $7


JS115 Sarco. Min Min x Fitzhart ‘Tiger’

This is something a bit different. Medium - large sized flowers all different colours with many different markings. Should flower as small plants. Sarco. Min Min being Star Struck x Fitzhart these should produce reds.

Available in 50mm @ $7


JS113 Sarco. Min Min x Fitzhart ‘KWR’

A sibling cross of JS115 just using an equal quality S. Fitzhart, ‘KWR’.

Available in 50mm @ $7


TIN112 Sarco. Fitzhart x Bessie ‘#1’

These are the next generation for the show bench in our opinion. With a strong dose of hartmannii, fitzgeraldii, falcatus and hirticalcar, these flowers should be full of shape and colour.

Available in 50mm @ $8


TIN111 Sarco. Cherie Snow ‘Dark Pink’ x Cherie Dawn ‘Pink Pattern’

We flowered one of these in 2012 and it showed some very promising potential. Strong pinks tones with white rings and a yellow labellum.

Available in 80mm tall tubes @ $12


TIN113 Sarco. Melba ‘Kim’ x (Cherie x Yvette)

Show benches cross of large white flowers with pink and purple overlays and rings.

Available in 50mm @ $8


JS116 Sarco. Cherie ‘Toronto’ x Fitzhart ‘KWR’

Pinks and reds of good shape should be one for the show bench!

Available in 50mm @ $7


Australian Influenced Cymbidium hybrids and Australian Species


GY01 Cym. suave ‘Lime Green’ x Self

A selfing of our most vibrant suave. With stems measuring 50cm long and a strong black marking on its labellum it is always a show bench hit!

Available in 100mm @ $20 TWO ONLY


GY02 Cym. Cricket ‘Test Match’ x madidum

These should produce a late flowering cymbidium of brown and olive tones similar to Cym. Kuranda but with all sorts of markings.

Available in 100mm @ $20 FOUR ONLY




GY53 Den. kingianum. ‘Linda’ x ‘Speckles’

This ling breed Kingianum is one of the newer speckled pinks with large flowers and an upright inflorescence.

Available in 50mm @ $6


GY86 Den. kingianum. ‘Big Foot’

Some say it is, some say it isn’t. However these are of the original purchased from Albie Sherwood and funny enough they look like a dark purple kingianum.

Available in 50mm @ $6 and 80mm tall tubes @ $10


TIN774 Den. kingianum. ‘Black Gold’ x ‘Ruby’

One of the early flowering ‘Darkies’ with an average of 14 dark purple flowers/stem our large plant proved quite a hit this spring!

Available in 50mm @ $5


DUNO9803 Dockrillia. striolata ‘Alba Packers’

This striolata is the clearest granny smith Alba you will find! In no time you will have grown a specimen.

Available in 50mm @ $6


GY12A Pleurothallis. restrepioides ‘Dragon Stone’

Something a little different that will flower many of times throughout the year with its long sprays of maroon and white.

Available in 50mm @ $5


GY4 Phaius. tankervillae ‘Callyn’ ACM/AOC

This plant is an absolute monster after taking out the championship at the Newcastle Sarc Show in 2012 it received its award at the Sydney Species Show almost two weeks later. These plants are direct stem propagations.

*These plants are individually priced depending on size, growth etc. etc.


Flasking Services


Podding Fee $8


Re-plating Fee $10


Flasks $25  


*Unfortunately we do not destroy plants and we ask that if possible jars that are of no personal use be returned please.


*We reserve to right to refuse pods and flasks from foreign laboratories




*Flasks may not be available immediately as time is needed for replating and growth. Monies for flasks that this applies to will not be collected until the work is dispatched.


Australian Native Dendrobium Hybrids


D4 Den. Zip ‘JMCM’ x Speciosum. ‘Maddison’ (‘Windermere’ x ‘Mt. Larcom Gold’) = Lisa Turner


D9 Den. (Jazz ‘Red Lip’ x Kayla) x DUNOKayla ‘Agro’


D27 Den. engae x johnsoniae = Lady Fairfax


M7 Den. Gerald McCraith ‘Nicole Renee’ AM-ACM/ANOS ACC/AOC x Self


Australasian Dockrillia Species and Hybrids


D15 Dock. Teretifolium ‘Maddison Grace’ HCC/AOC x teretifolium ‘Hexam Gold’


D16 Dock. Teretifolium ‘Bega’ x teretifolium ‘Hexam Gold’


D20 Dock. (Rosemary Jupp x Dolicophylla) x Australian Sunblessed x Lauren Holly ‘Chief’ HCC/AOC


DUNO2283 Dock. Dolicophylla x Australian Ginger ‘Meggs’


DUNO2874 Dock. Tweetas ‘That’s Gold’ x Weatherly ‘Michael’


DUNO2917 Dock. sulphurea x Self



Australian Native Sarcochilus Hybrids


109 Sarco. Fitzhart ‘KWR’ x Lyn



143 Sarco. Hartmannii ‘Molly’ x Self


JD27 Sarco. Dove x Snowhart


1617 Sarco. Rumril x australis



Australian Epiphytic Species


B18 Bulbophyllum. Shepherdii ‘Orange/Red’ x Self



Cymbidium Hybrids


R37 Cym. Death Wish ‘Royale’ x Mighty Mouse 2N


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